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Sinners breed sinners and no street is free from them. Rapes, inhuman tortures and the male hypocrites who cannot punish but defend perpetrators of the abominable crimes; madness should cease.


But how?

A war baby and people’s war survivor knows how. Mitra, a police superintendent feels the undercurrent of an organization shaping up with its violent tentacles spreading across the length and breadth of the cities. His disappeared wife, veiled messages and demonstration of brutalities bring him closer to the revolution.

More he tries to  understand the symbolism, more vexing it becomes.

The dark night, necklace made of mutilated fingers, skirt of human limbs, mouth feasting bowlful of human blood - the infernal anger of KALI in apocalyptic form.

About Author

is a painter, linguist, and author. He was active in print and electronic media in Bangalore until he quit his job in VPL Limited to start his own venture in 2010.

Ganesh published his first novel (print-only version) in 2004. In 2011, his writing made an impact with his book on online freelance careers, making it one of the bestsellers in the regional language. He has also written and published many articles, short stories, won awards as well as accolades from the readers.


Ganesh painted and sold many abstracts including the one that appeared on the Kali cover. He believes his work on abstracts is a result of his complex and deliberate experiment to break symmetries and in a way, it's highly chaotic. With Kali, a fast paced social thriller, the author believes that he has achieved his own way of synchronizing his thoughts in to a useful communication. The novel according to him is not just less abstract than his previous works but also least obvious for his thoughts and philosophy.

Ganesh Bhat

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